Tourism boosts Moroccan property market
By Steve Binge

Tourism boosts Moroccan property market

Efforts to boost tourism in Morocco are directly impacting on its housing market, property experts have stated.

According to Amberlamb, the Moroccan government is aiming to attract ten million visitors a year by 2010.

As part of this plan, it has invested in the creation of new resorts in desirable locations, which include leisure outlets, amenities and accommodation.

The organisation said that this has helped to raise the international profile of Morocco, which in turn has led to interest from foreign property buyers.

Therefore, the country is receiving an economic boost from both the tourist trade, overseas investment and a growing housing market.

Amberlamb commented: "It is ensuring that interest is intense and it is already returning positives for real estate as a contributing sector to the overall economy."

This comes after said the tourism sector in Morocco is "on the up" and has witnessed some "impressive growth" in recent years.

The online portal described a property purchase in the country as a "sound addition" to any investment portfolio.


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