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Investment Property in Panama

Investment Property in Panama

Research why Panama property is now such a worthwhile opportunity as a lucrative worldwide property investment market.

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Guide to Property in PanamaA guide to Panama for quick reference on facts and figures, as well as economic and cultural information and the practicalities of your property purchase in Panama.

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Property News in Panama

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Investment Research in Panama

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Investment Locations

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More and more people are discovering the excellent investment opportunities on offer in Panama's thriving property market.

Panama was recently voted:

  • The fastest-growing economy in Latin America (The International Monetary Fund)
  • The most globalized country in Latin America (Latin Business Chronicle)
  • The fastest-growing tourism market in Latin America (The World Tourism Organization)
  • Number 2 best place in the world to retire to (UK Online)

Such accolades indicate an outstanding market in which to invest in property and the amount of construction going on in Panama City bears witness to an enormous demand for accommodation, both commercial and residential, in this busy city.

If you are considering purchasing a property in Panama, a look at our Guide to Property in Panama will help you gather information about properties and locations in Panama, as well as gain in-depth knowledge of the property buying process. If your Panama property purchase is aimed purely as an investment vehicle, it is important that you view our Panama Property Investment section.

Panamanian Property Market Overview

Panama offers a number of highly efficient tax exemptions and incentives, making it a cost-effective location in which to do business. On the back of a booming business and financial sector, investment in the real estate sector has reached record levels. It is boosted by the fact that the government actively encourages foreign multinational firms to become established in the country, all of which require top-notch residential and commercial real estate and services to support them.

The property market in Panama revolves largely around City investment, while tourism projects are becoming increasingly prevalent. However, with some 85% of all visitors coming to Panama never leaving the city, it is evident that this is the place where property investment thrives the best.

Panama is the fastest growing tourism market in Latin America and significant sums are being invested into tourism programmes, largely for the construction of new hotels in the City. To date, 35 new hotels and resorts have been built by some of the world’s largest hotel chains, including Marriott, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Inter-Continental, Melia, Best Western, Courtyard, Crowne Plaza, Radisson and Decameron. Other projects such as ecological and historical tours are also being developed, promoting Panama as an exquisite eco-tourism destination.

While many construction projects are still in their infancy, shrewd property investors in Panama are acting fast to supply a growing demand for all types of real estate in a tax efficient manner.

Panama Property Investment

For the property investor, prices have already gone up quite considerably in Panama; gone are the days when you could snap up a beautiful ocean-front condo for USD 80,000. Nowadays, such properties fetch around three times the price. Donald Trump’s announcement that he would be building a 250 million dollar development at Punta Pacifica has endorsed Panama’s position as a major real estate investment location, bringing with it high level investors and further economic activity to the area.

Large multinational corporations are relocating to Panama, creating an ongoing demand for residential and commercial accommodation. Major firms such as Dell and DHL have established regional hubs in Panama, while Hewlett Packard and Caterpillar have announced new offices there and others, such as Proctor and Gamble, are also rumoured to be relocating a significant part of their operations to Panama. Major banks including HSBC, Lloyds, and Citibank have also established franchises in Panama to provide complete financial back-up to foreign investors.

Panama offers an excellent incentive programme for retirees, along with a great climate, the lowest cost of living in the region, a low crime rate and various tax advantages, making it a popular location for those looking to invest in a tax efficient retirement.

Reasons why property in Panama is a good investment:

  • Foreign and nationals investors are guaranteed equal rights in terms of business practice and investment. This continues Panama’s long-standing policy of providing an investment arena that requires no special authorizations or permits prior to registration.
  • Politically sound. Political Risk Services (PRS) placed Panama in the top three countries of the hemisphere in terms of risk-investment qualifications. Moody's and Standard & Poors have also granted high ranking to Panamanian financial instruments.
  • Panama enjoys the lowest cost of living in this region of Latin America.
  • English is widely spoken, while 80% of Panamanians in the banking district of Panama City are bilingual English and Spanish.
  • Panama represents an environment conducive to company formation, jobs and prosperity with one of the most flexible company law systems in the world.
  • All Panama corporations or private businesses are legally guaranteed complete anonymity and privacy, both in terms of business practice and banking.
  • 100% tax haven for income derived from abroad.
  • According to Canada's Fraser Institute (Economic Freedom of the World), Panama ranked eighth freest economy, along with Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • Over 40 decrees guarantee investors special import, tax and operational incentives. Tax exemptions are excellent in sectors such as tourism, maritime affairs, real estate and mining.
  • Panama’s Colon Free Trade Zone (CFZ) is the second largest free zone in the world. Companies located in the CFZ are exempt from import duties as well as guarantees, licensing, and several other requirements and limitations on imports.
  • Panama's circulating currency is the US Dollar and Panama has no currency exchange controls or restrictions; therefore, funds can flow in and out of the country freely.
  • Low inflation, on average under 2% per annum.
  • The Pensionado Programme allows retirees: import tax exemption on household goods and/or cars; no property taxes for up to 15 years depending on the property; up to 20% off health care services; discounts on airfares, restaurants, fast food and movie theatres; discounted closing costs for personal loans and utility bills; and an amazing 50% off public transport (air, ground and sea).
  • A favourable tax regime entices increasing numbers of large global corporations to Panama, creating a highly buoyant international business and real estate market.
  • Booming expatriate trend as an off-shoot of Panama’s advantageous business environment and desirability as a retirement destination.
  • By way of a government incentive, all new homes receive 20 years tax exemption
  • Panama is widely considered to be an excellent medium term investment offering double-digit returns along with a secure retirement future.
  • Tourism projects are underway to further boost the economy. One such project is the famous Pearl Island Archipelago, a world-class tourist development.
  • Tocumen International Airport is a highly efficient transport hub in Latin America. It is currently under expansion to accommodate a 38% increased operation capacity and yearly passenger growth of 15%.

Homebuyers in Panama

Homebuyers in Panama are buying in many areas, but fashionable districts of the City, near to work, international schools and other services prove to be a firm favourite amongst foreign buyers.

For retirees too, Panama offers a varied, pleasant climate, a modern infrastructure, including excellent healthcare, and a low cost of living. The government’s Pensionado Programme offers retirees tax exemptions and discounts on a wide variety of everyday requirements, making a move to Panama an exceptional financial opportunity for many people.

Panama Property Hotspots

Major high end Panama City real estate hotspots include Balboa Avenue, Punta Pacifica, and Costa del Este. Other prime developments can be found in well-known areas like San Francisco, El Cangrejo, Bella Vista and Paitilla, not to mention all the real estate projects and communities under development around the Bridge of Panama.

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