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Research And Information

Research And Information

Useful research information and articles on Panamanian property investment and how off-plan investment properties in Panama can benefit investors.

Panama is a key Latin American commercial and tourism destination

When considering the amount of private and large company investment taking place in Panama, it is unsurprising that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) rates it as the fastest-growing economy in Latin America. Added to this, new international hotels in and around the City as well as modern eco-resorts are all going a long way to boost Panama’s tourism industry to completely new levels

Why Invest in Panama?

Property investors are taking advantage of a multitude of benefits that Panama offers as a well-established country but a still growing real estate destination:

Natural and Cultural Factors

  • Well-established expatriate community, ideal for those wishing to retire to Panama
  • English is widely spoken as the second language, after Spanish
  • Panamanians are very welcoming to foreigners
  • Varied climate, ranging from hot sunshine for lazy beach days, to cooler temperatures in the mountains
  • International schools, advanced telecommunications systems and modern roads make for an ideal living environment
  • Democratic constitutional government
  • Easy access via the efficient Tocumen International Airport, now under expansion to cater for 38% increased operation and yearly passenger growth of 15%

Economic Factors

  • Many tax exemptions and discounts for retirees in Panama under the government’s Pensionado Programme
  • Favourable tax regime for global corporations that establish themselves in Panama
  • Potential capital appreciation of up to 20% per annum and rental yields of approx. 8% per annum in prime locations
  • Absence of currency exchange controls, allowing cash to flow in and out of Panama freely
  • The Colon Free Trade Zone (CFZ) is the second largest in the world, allowing exemptions from import duties and several other benefits regarding licenses
  • Low inflation, on average under 2% per annum
  • Government incentive schemes have produced over 40 decrees guaranteeing investors special import, tax and operational advantages. These apply particularly to the tourism, maritime, real estate and mining sectors
  • New homes are exempt from tax for 20 years
  • Tourism programmes are in operation to further increase tourism revenue, which is already the country’s largest single industry. Projects within the ‘Special Tourism Zones’ are exempt from many taxes, adding to investor interest

Land for Development / Project Sourcing

Land purchase in Panama gives investors opportunity to gain maximum returns on their investment. liaise closely with a valuable network of developers, land owners and agents to establish a carefully vetted list of sources and contacts. This allows us to find investors the very best options available today. We can also assist with the setting up of joint venture opportunities in Panama, as well as implement investment strategies with the help of our network of trusted professionals.
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With such high levels of investment and development taking place both in the real estate, commercial and tourism sectors, the Panamanian property market is promising investors an even brighter future than ever before.

Intelligent investors are making the most of today´s growing real estate market in Panama, while opportunities still last for land, buy-to-let and pure investment options.

Further information and resources

Research and Information

Panama Investment Research

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