Natural Factors In Panama

Panama’s many natural advantages have helped bring it the economic success it enjoys today. Below are some of the factors to be aware of when researching your property investment in Panama.

Ideal Eco-Tourism Environment

Rainforests, mountain retreats, stunning beaches and islands, as well as seven thriving indigenous Indian cultures create prime opportunities for eco-tourism related real estate investment.

With tourism playing a vital part in Panama’s economic success, projects are underway to promote eco-tourism, one such example being the reform of a former radar installation post within the National Park at Soberania, which has been made into a world-famous eco-lodge for bird enthusiasts.

Of Panama’s 29 national parks, it boasts no less than five that are within two hours drive of Panama City and one is even located within the metropolitan area itself. Efforts are continually underway to preserve and protect the country’s natural environment and 30% of Panamanian land is set aside for conservation (25% of which is made up of national parks).

World Heritage Sites

The World Heritage Committee lists the following Panamanian sites on the World Heritage list:

  • Portobelo – San Lorenzo fortifications on the Caribbean side of Panama
  • Darien National Park
  • Panama Viejo archeological site
  • Historic District of Panama City
  • Talamanca Range – La Amistad Reserves at La Amistad National Park

Bi-Lingual Population

A high percentage of Panama’s professional population is bi-lingual English and Spanish, and 80% of the Panamanians living within the banking area of the City are bi-lingual.

Large Expatriate Community

This is a booming trend in Panama, due to the great tax benefits and discounts that the country offers, as well as a modern infrastructure and warm climate. As a result, many English speaking expats retire to Panama and benefit from a highly appealing lifestyle and an international community with all the related services to make them feel at home.

Central Geographic Location

The fact that Panama is located at the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal affords it enormous advantages as a shipping centre, both for commercial trade and cruise liner activity.

Warm Climate

A tropical climate in Panama means dry and rainy seasons, with variations according to altitude. The Pacific coast enjoys a longer dry season than the Caribbean Coast which receives year-round rain. Coastal temperatures regularly reach 95°F (35°C) and many people prefer to avoid very hot and humid weather by choosing Panama’s cooler regions such as El Valle, Volcan and Cerro Azul.

Excellent Gaming Facilities

We refer not only to Gaming institutions for the provision of casinos and gambling services but also to Game Fishing in Panama:

Over 200 international game and fishing records have been broken in the waters around Panama’s Pearl Islands, encouraging some of the world’s best fishermen and enthusiasts to the area.

The Gaming industry in Panama has been thriving very well since the privatisation of the sector to 3 separate operators in 1998 and it now offers world-class facilities. The privatisation has naturally led to an upturn in investment in gaming facilities in Panama, boosting the economy and complementing the vast array of attractions for tourists in Panama.

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