Boquete property 'best value outside Panama City'
By Peter Mindenhall

Boquete property 'best value outside Panama City'

The town of Boquete in Panama's Chiriqui Province offers some of the best value real estate in Panama when you look beyond the country's capital.

Jessica Ramesch made this claim in an article for International Living, adding buyers can get more for their money if they search for properties located just outside the town centre, rather than those that are in the heart of Boquete.

She explained further advantages of the town are its low cost of living, large expat community and its proximity to both the beach and mountains.

Ms Ramesch concluded: "The Boquete region simply offers the best of all Panama has to offer [...] and with a wide range of property to choose from, the best overall value you'll find outside Panama City."

In an article for The Island Connection last month, Dr James T Sears, a realtor and real estate investment analyst, stated there are "terrific opportunities" for investors seeking property in Central American countries such as Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
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