Economic crisis driving prices down in Panama
By Peter Mindenhall

Economic crisis driving prices down in Panama

Foreign investors who want to get their hands on a property in a sun-drenched tropical paradise may want to consider looking at the coast of Panama.

The province of Boca del Toro is located on the western coast of the Central American country and has the fasted growing economy per consumer in the region.

According to a report by International Living, the economic crisis has meant that real estate prices in the country have begun to fall, making the dream of owning property more of a reality.

The article draws attention to the forthcoming Panama Canal expansion project, stating that it is expected to help bolster the country's growing economy.

And one reason that it was recently named as the "growth champion" in the region by Latin Business Chronicle in its five-year growth forecast.

Individuals looking to invest in the country may be interested to note that the Panamanian government offers potential tourists a host of tax and price discounts to encourage them to visit the country.

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