'Good potential' for investment in Panama property
By James Roberts

'Good potential' for investment in Panama property

The strength of the economy in Panama, coupled with its expansion plans for the canal, mean that the country could prove to be a good place for real estate investments.

Matt Landau, founder of ThePanamaReport.com, asserted that "investing in Panama real estate represents high potential, with comparatively puny risks".

He stressed that one of the most important things for those buying a property in Panama to look out for is the property title. Mr Landau advised using a good lawyer, as well as a translator, when carrying out any transactions in the country.

Among the reasons highlighted for investors to consider entering the real estate sector was Panama's economic growth - with Mr Landau noting that it is expanding faster than any other nation in Latin America - in addition to its low unemployment and government initiatives to improve infrastructure.

Retirees hoping to escape to the sunshine may also want to consider the merits of buying a property in Panama, with International Living recently naming the country one of the top three places in the world for those no longer working due to the benefits package offered to pensioners.

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