Panama attracts more British investors
By James Roberts

Panama attracts more British investors

Interest in emerging markets such as Panama among overseas property buyers in on the increase, experts have revealed.

According to research by HiFX, fewer British investors are seeking opportunities in established European markets, including Italy and Spain.

The currency specialist has attributed this trend to a number of factors, such as the strong euro forcing up the cost of living in these countries.

HiFX added that emerging markets across the world are also becoming more popular with investors, as they widely seen to offer better growth potential.

Mark Bodega, director of the organisation, commented: "Investors are always looking for the 'next big thing' to try and tap into undeveloped markets."

Panama was highlighted as one hotspot of actiivity, as the number of enquiries relating to the country has gone up slightly in recent months.

This comes after analysts at Amberlamb stated that the "world and his wife" have become aware of the investment potential in the Central American country.


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