Panama investment 'could be lucrative'
By Steve Binge

Panama investment 'could be lucrative'

Overseas property buyers could find Panama a highly lucrative investment market, industry analysts have said.

According to FC Exchange, the Central American country is a less mature market than many European nations, such as Switzerland and France.

This, it stated, means that it is experiencing a much higher rate of house price inflation.

As a result, foreign property buyers who do not want a long-term investment could find Panama a suitable location to consider.

Nick Fullerton, managing director of FC Exchange, commented: "If you're looking for a quick return, there's no point looking in mature markets where any growth is now very slow."

He added that while emerging markets can offer a higher degree of risk to property buyers, the rewards can potentially be much greater.

This comes after analysts at Amberlamb stated that the "world and his wife" have become aware of the investment potential in the Central American country.


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