Panama named as top destination for investment in 2011
By James Roberts

Panama named as top destination for investment in 2011

Panama has been named as one of the top ten worldwide destinations to invest in property this year, it has been revealed.

According to experts at Write About Property, the Central American country is likely to benefit from rapid improvements being made by the US economy.

In recent years the country's real estate market has benefited from its popularity with retirees from the US, with many looking to buy property in Panama.

Added to this, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has made some positive forecasts about its economic growth over the coming year, the news provider reports.

Panama's economy is predicted to continue expansion, as it has done throughout the global crisis, with the IMF stating that it will show 6.2 per cent growth this year, and 6.7 per cent next year.

"With the Panama Canal - which along with the Colon Free Trade Zone accounts for three-quarters of Panama GDP - still proceeding towards 2014 completion, global investment in Panama will soar as the world economy recovers," the news provider stated.

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