Panama 'offers cheap property'
By James Roberts

Panama 'offers cheap property'

Overseas property buyers may be able to snap up a relative bargain in Panama, a media outlet has stated.

According to the Guardian, a typical apartment in the South American country can cost as little as £30,000.

Meanwhile, a two-bedroom flat in Panama City, complete with gym and swimming pool, can sell for about £75,000.

Commenting on the market, the Guardian observed: "Even in the current downward spiral of the UK housing market, Panama's property remains a bargain by a long way."

The newspaper said the country also offers a number of lifestyle attractions, such as good beaches and sunny weather all year round.

Furthermore, it stated that Panama has a favourable tax regime and good healthcare provision, attributes which have made it a popular spot for retirees.

This comes after analysts at Amberlamb stated that the "world and his wife" have become aware of the investment potential in the Central American country.

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