Panama proving popular with emigrating Brits
By Peter Mindenhall

Panama proving popular with emigrating Brits

A growing number of older Britons are planning to relocate abroad by 2012, new research from the Centre for Future Studies has revealed.

The organisation notes that as well as the traditional overseas destinations favoured by emigrating Brits, a number of more leftfield locations are now cropping up.

Indeed, the Daily Telegraph also recently highlighted the increase in the number of Brits buying property in Panama.

The Central American country's relaxed banking laws, excellent climate and picturesque coastline have proved irresistible for a number of Brits, the news provider explained.

It added: "The majority settle along the Pacific Coast near the capital, Panama City, in Coronado, Punta Chame, Gorgona and Rio Mar, where new-build apartments with sea views are as little as £80,000.

"The exclusive Punta Pacifica district has architect-designed condos with concierge services. Two-bed new-build units sell for £225,000."

In addition, property buyers will benefit from the fact that the country has generous tax legislation, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax. 

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