Panama's Pedasi 'a development hotspot'
By James Roberts

Panama's Pedasi 'a development hotspot'

There has been an increase in the amount of development in Panama's beach destination Pedasi.

According to Kent Davis, from Panama Equity, the level of interest in the region among potential buyers has climbed, but this has yet to translate into a rise in the number of completed sales.

Writing for Nuwire Investor, he explained one of the stumbling blocks is the lack of development activity - although he acknowledged this is part of what makes the area appealing.

However, Mr Davis highlighted a deal signed between The Dekel Group and Cocige - a big construction company - which is set to increase the number of available properties in this region of Panama.

Another positive sign for Pedasi is that there are now full-time residents in a beachside development by Playa Venao.

"We tend to look at these signs as proof that Pedasi is becoming a real liveable beach destination and not just speculative hype," he asserted.

Last month, Robert Bauman wrote an article for International Living explaining that purchasing a property in Panama is one of the ways in which to qualify for the nation's new Immediate Permanent Resident Visa.
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