Panama set to become more popular
By James Roberts

Panama set to become more popular

Panama has been tipped to become a hotspot of activity among overseas property buyers over the next few months.

According to the BuyAssociation website, the Central American country has attracted high levels of media coverage in recent months as a result of the John Darwin case.

Mr Darwin faked his own death in a canoeing accident four years ago in order to enjoy a new life overseas with his wife.

However, the attempted fraud was recently exposed, prompting many media outlets to highlight what lifestyle attractions made Panama an attractive destination for the couple.

BuyAssociation believes its recent high profile could trigger additional interest in the country among foreign property buyers and expats.

Paul Collins, property editor at the website, commented: "Before this whole thing started, a lot of people didn't really consider Panama as a viable destination for moving overseas."

He stated that consumers are now more aware of the fact that Panama City in particular is a modern location which offers favourable exchange rates.


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