Santa Fe property market 'has developed'
By James Roberts

Santa Fe property market 'has developed'

Santa Fe in Panama is becoming an increasingly attractive option for overseas buyers seeking a property in the country.

In an article for International Living, Jessica Ramesch explained the village offers "the best value real estate you'll find in any mountain community in Panama", as well as boasting an idyllic location and pleasant year-round climate.

She noted the property market in Santa Fe has developed over the past decade, with a small number of resale homes up for sale. Previously, buying Panama real estate here meant opting for a house that needed substantial renovation work.

Earlier this year, Ms Ramesch highlighted locations such as Boquete and Coronado Beach in Panama as top choices for overseas buyers looking for a home in the country.

In her article for International Living, she commented it is possible to pick up a high-quality house in these destinations for a very attractive price, while investors who are willing to look beyond the luxury end of the market can find properties with a considerably smaller price tag.
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