Portugal - Natural Factors

The many natural features of Portugal make it a beautiful tourist destination. Below are some factors to be taken into account when considering the investment potential of Portugal.

Sandy Beaches

Prerequisite to all tourist locations, Portugal boasts some perfect white sandy beaches and the Algarve coast is today a highly popular resort amongst British package holidaymakers. The more rugged Atlantic shores further north around Lisbon are increasingly popular amongst the more adventurous set, seeking surfing opportunities or a more rustic holiday option. Here the property market is now picking up to cater for this relatively new trend for more rural property in easily accessible locations.

Golf Courses

Portugal not only offers excellent beach facilities, but investors are also tapping into the golfing holiday market as it offers a longer rental season. With the largest area covered by golf courses in southern Europe, many of which are of championship status, Portugal is a golfers' paradise, offering many opportunities to purchase prime first line golf property within luxury new resort developments.

Warm Climate

Portugal's climate is ideal for many people and is slightly less hot that in some other southern European destinations due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. Boasting an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year along with mild winters with minimum temperatures of around 14°C, Portugal's weather is regarded as ideal by many British retirees.

English Widely Spoken

The language barrier is rarely a problem as most people, particularly in popular areas, will speak some English. Legal, financial and property purchase professionals are all very accustomed to dealing with English speakers and translations are normally readily available. In fact, property purchase in Portugal is a well trodden path for English speakers and the general stability and transparency of the buying process go a long way to increase investor confidence.

Site Seeing

Portugal abounds with interesting sights and historical heritage for visitors to enjoy. Much of Portugal's sightseeing is based upon the stunning natural beauty to be found here, from mountains and vineyards of the north, to dry rocks in southern areas and from stunning beaches to world class golf courses, Portugal appeals to all tastes.

Meanwhile, an interesting historical heritage, including much evidence of past Moorish and Oriental eras, create a delightful mix of architecture and culture for visitors to enjoy today. Historical buildings are plentiful in Portugal, particularly in the capital city of Lisbon and Porto, Portugal's second largest city.

Rich Culture

Rich in cultural identity, Portugal is always celebrating some kind of religious festival, pilgrimage, carnival or fair, a characteristic typical of life on the Iberian peninsular and southern Europe in general. Visitors and those relocating to Portugal are attracted by the laid-back nature of the people and the numerous wining and dining opportunities that are synonymous with the Portuguese lifestyle.


Portugal's popularity as a tourist and property destination has encouraged ease of access via direct two and a half hour charter flights from the UK, including services from BA, EasyJet, Ryanair and TAP Air Portugal.

An excellent EU standard transport infrastructure within the country makes Portugal a hassle-free option for those looking to reach their final destination in Portugal quickly and comfortably.

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