Culture status may boost Guimaraes
By Steve Binge

Culture status may boost Guimaraes

Those looking to invest in property in Portugal may consider the city of Guimaraes, which is the 2012 European Capital of Culture.

Filipe Silva, UK director of Turismo de Portugal, noted this month's Madeira Flower Festival is one of the events taking place.

And visitors will find much else to interest them, such as the cuisine of the central region.

"Alentejo's gastronomy is very strongly linked with the region's history and traditions and can be the basis for very interesting and tasty holidays," he remarked.

The attention focused on such attractions by the status Guimaraes enjoys this year may help provide a longer-term boost to tourism and holiday lettings could benefit directly as a result.

Another part of the country buyers may consider is Madeira.

Linda Beaney, from Madeira Villas marketing firm Beaney Pearce, recently told the Financial Times the island is a very popular part of Portugal for investors, as its real estate market is strong at present.

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