Portugal offers capital growth prospects
By Peter Mindenhall

Portugal offers capital growth prospects

Property investors who are seeking good capital gains have been advised to look at the Silver Coast in Portugal.

According to the Telegraph, the region offers relatively cheap property values when compared with other Portuguese hotspots.

However, the high level of interest in the market among overseas property buyers has led to a surge in house prices during recent months.

This has prompted the newspaper to recommend the Silver Coast to investors who are on the look-out for a lucrative investment.

Commenting on its potential, the Telegraph said: "As a new destination, still to be fully explored, property prices on the Silver Coast are currently lower than other areas."

The publication added that the high demand for property in the area means that investors should have little difficulty selling their residence on after it has appreciated in value.

Portugal's popularity with second home buyers was recently highlighted by the Irish Independent, which said its lack of "unsightly overdevelopment" makes it preferable to many other established markets.

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