Tourism industry supportive of flood clean up in Madeira
By Steve Binge

Tourism industry supportive of flood clean up in Madeira

Individuals with a property interest in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira may be interested in news that work has begun to repair damage sustained by the island after flash floods caused widespread devastation.

According to a report by Overseas Property Professional (OPP), the tourism districts of Estrada Monumental and Lido are back operating at their usual capacity, with the airport and harbour both still open.

John Ward, of developer Morgan Forbes, said that the island's reputation would be further cemented if the clear up was swift.

He explained to OPP: "Tourism is affected by how quickly you can respond to this kind of event.

"If things can be turned around in four or five weeks it will put the scale of the problem into perspective. This definitely isn't going to set the island back more than that."

Madeira is a popular year-round resort, famed for its wine, flowers and embroidery artists.

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