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Immense demand and short supply in many sought-after city and tourist locations helps make real estate in Romania a viable option for shrewd investors.

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Research And Information

Research And InformationThis section enlightens you on why Romania is a popular option amongst many property investors. Find out here what fuels the property market and review information that will help you understand how it will be sustained in the future.

A surge in foreign investment is creating growing prosperity throughout Romania. Recent access to mortgage facilities is also contributing to Romania’s property market success.

Since EU accession, Romania has opened itself up to dramatic growth and optimism, attracting overwhelming interest from overseas investors. According to the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investment (ARIS), foreign investment from January to April 2008 increased by over 100%, compared to the same period in 2007, making Romania one of the main recipients of foreign direct investment in all of Eastern Europe.

A major identifying feature of investment in Romanian real estate is that prices are still very low and growth potential is guaranteed by overwhelming demand for property in the nation’s prime locations. Easy access to mortgage products in Romania means overseas buyers are enjoying their low interest terms, while the ever-increasing affluence of the local population indicates that property is now more affordable than ever before.

Why Invest in Romania?

Early investors in Romanian property are making the most of low European prices which, inevitably will increase as the country advances. With GDP growth still at a respectable 5.5% in the first quarter of 2008, despite the current global crisis, and national figures reflecting annual growth in foreign investment and tourist arrivals, today’s real estate investors are taking a close look at Romania.

Natural and Cultural Factors

  • A rich variety of natural factors– the legendary Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, the Danube, the Black Sea, popular ski resorts, and vibrant cities all give investors a wide choice of property types to choose from
  • Romania is a romantic fairytale destination, with tales of Count Dracula, werewolves and medieval castles to entrance tourists from all over the world
  • A modern lifestyle blends with superb neoclassical architecture, sweeping boulevards and a café culture
  • A wide diversity of power resources give the nation enhanced potential – coal, oil, natural gas, hydro and nuclear power
  • New international airport set to open in Brasov by late 2009, serviced by budget airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet
  • WizzAir will begin operating budget direct flights from Cluj to Paris in December 2008, connecting consumers in Western Europe. A new WizzAir base will be set up in Romania in 2009

Economic Factors

  • Demand greatly outstrips supply, thereby pushing prices steadily upwards
  • The commercial sector is booming through soaring demand for modern office premises
  • Strong buy-to-let market in prime city and tourist locations fuelled by fresh international activity
  • Flourishing and growing tourism industry - the latest Master Plan initiatives
    aim to attract an annual 10 million visitors per annum by 2106
  • Major European recipient of foreign direct investment
  • The central bank (BNR) will be implementing 100% mortgages, pushing up property prices by a predicted 15%
  • 4th fastest growing tourism sector in the world with a growth projection of 7.9% per annum from 2007-2016
  • Low property prices and living costs – up to 50% lower – compared with the rest of Europe
  • Beneficial exchange rate with the Romanian leu (RON) means even greater buying power for investors
  • GDP 5.5% in first quarter of 2008
  • NATO member
  • EU member

Land for Development/Project Sourcing offer members a comprehensive source of information regarding the newest land investment deals available in Romania, before they become common knowledge.

Members will be offered valuable assistance and contacts in the setting up of joint ventures within our network of carefully vetted developers or partners. Due to a recent increase in worldwide property investment, constantly make contact with a growing number of large scale individual investors and investment consortiums who constantly search for the best land investment options in Romania.


Since EU inclusion in January 2007, international investors, including construction companies, are expanding their activities to Romania bringing with them world-class construction projects and new jobs, particularly in new infrastructure projects. This is having an obvious positive impact on the economy as a whole, boosted by the fact that Romania’s tourism Master Plan of 2007 now aims to achieve an annual target of 10 million visitors by 2016.

There is clearly an immense under-supply of property to cater for the growth Romania is currently undergoing in both the commercial and tourism sectors and real estate investors are spurred on by the great potential of this relatively new EU nation.

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