Natural Factors In Romania

Tourists and investors come to Romania to experience its dramatic and somewhat magical natural attractions. Here are some of the natural factors that are well worth considering when researching an investment in Romania.

Something for Everyone

Romania is a romantic fairytale destination, with stories of Count Dracula, werewolves and medieval castles to entrance tourists from all over the world

As the largest of the Balkan countries, Romania offers dramatic mountain scenery with popular ski resorts, in addition to the magnificent beaches and marine attractions of its Black Sea coastline. For nature lovers, the Danube Delta hosts 98% of the European aquatic fauna - more than 3,400 species in all – some of them unique on the entire planet.

Dubbed the “Paris of the East”, Bucharest offers a modern lifestyle blended with superb neoclassical architecture, sweeping boulevards and a café culture. Bucharest comes laden with historical charm and culture, from the streets of the Old Town centre which are undergoing some 30 million EUR worth of renovations, to museums, art galleries, a concert hall, jazz clubs and nightclubs. The city also hosts the George Enescu International Festival, a prestigious cultural event named after the famous Romanian musician and composer.

Natural Resources

Romania's rich array of natural resources include coal, oil, iron ores, forests, natural gas, hydro and nuclear power, offering sustainability and diversity for the future of its economy.

Multilingual People

Romania's culture is part of the European Latin culture and the Romanian language originates from ancient Latin. English, French and German are widely spoken, making communication with Romanians an easy process.


Since EU membership, Romania has become much easier to reach from the rest of Europe, with EU citizens no longer requiring visas to enter the country for visits up to 3 months.

In 2007, Romania’s largest airport, Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport (BHCIA), recorded impressive growth in passenger numbers of some 42% (almost 5 million passengers). Around 83% of passenger traffic was between other EU countries. With ease of access a key factor in all successful property markets, Romania is now an increasingly attractive market for foreign property buyers.

A new international airport is set to open in Brasov by late 2009, with budget carriers such as Ryanair and Easyjet rumoured to be planning services to the airport. Additionally, Wizz Air has confirmed that it will open up a new base in Timisoara in 2009, linking Romania with destinations such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Dortmund, London, Barcelona and Paris.

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