Investment Property In Russia

Investment in Russia

With the property market turning and the economy firmly back on track, investors are gearing up to act sooner rather than later.

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Research And Information

Research And Information

Useful research information and articles on Russian property investment and how off-plan investment properties in Russia can benefit investors.

Russia is the Biggest Emerging Market of them All

Russia is the largest country in the world, bigger than the USA and the rest of Europe put together, and with a population of 142 million people it is also the 9th most populous country in the world. It is 1st or 2nd for its reserves of many resources including natural gas, coal, peat, diamonds, silver ore and forest resources (all 1st). It has huge reserves of many other resources including aluminium, platinum and nickel. Unsurprisingly Russia is the 1st or 2nd biggest producer and or exporter of many natural resources. As time goes on the world continues to become more and more in demand of these resources, which gives Russia a very secure future in terms of economic growth.

Russia has been carefully selected as a lucrative property investment destination. Investor members can read more about the excellent growth potential and investment advantages of Russia in the Investment Research in Russia section.

Why Invest in Russia?

Russia's property market has been hit far harder than its economy. An emerging economy that we all know has emerged into a global superpower once, so you can understand why people want to invest in it as it heads for the same status again.

Natural and Cultural Factors

  • International schools, advanced telecommunications systems and modern roads make for an ideal living environment
  • Democratic constitutional government
  • Easy access via dozens of airports and direct flights

Economic Factors

  • Solid economic growth – 4-4.5% at present avg 5-6% last 10-12 years.
  • Favourable tax regime for global corporations that establish themselves in Russia
  • Property market is on the turn, strong potential for capital growth
  • Strong rental yields of 6% and over in well chosen locations
  • 15 Special Economic Zones, 4 for the tech ind., 2 industrial, 6 tourism, and 3 port zones.
  • Russia will host the World Cup in 2018, which is set to boost the economy.

Land for Development / Project Sourcing

Russia's massive size means there are plenty of opportunities to purchase land purchase in Russia to gain maximum returns on investment. liaise closely with a valuable network of developers, land owners and agents to establish a carefully vetted list of sources and contacts. This allows us to find investors the very best options available today. We can also assist with the setting up of joint venture opportunities in Russia, as well as implement investment strategies with the help of our network of trusted professionals.

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Much like the US, investors see Russia at present as an opportunity they may never see the likes of again, with property prices having fallen and continued to fall in a resurgent economy. Now the market appears to be already on the turn; according to the latest data apartment prices across Russia grew an average of 7.88% in the year ending Q1 2012, almost half of the losses seen during the fall remade very quickly indeed, so investors are gearing up to move sooner rather than later. However, the same data shows prices in St Petersburg falling 0.74% during the same period, so investors who are prepared to widen their net outside of Moscow could still find bargains in the recovery.

Further information and resources

Research and Information

Russia Investment Research

This research will enable you to source useful information and articles on Russian property investment, including how off-plan investment properties in Russia can be a great asset to your investment portfolio.

Why Invest in Russia? Why Invest in Russia?

Find out the reasons why property in Russia is such a lucrative investment opportunity and determine the stability of the Russian property market.

Financing a Russiaian Property Investment Investment Finance for Russia

Find out about the options available to finance Russia properties and gain an indication of how much you will be able to leverage.

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