Investment Property In South Africa

Investment property in South Africa offers excellent promise for property investors in selected areas. Here we examine important factors to consider when investing in South African property.

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Research And Information

Research And Information

The most favourable methods and opportunities for investing in the South African property market are discussed here.

Favourable Terms For Foreign Investors in South Africa

During the 1990s, South Africa came out of the political wilderness and since then government policy has been firmly committed to encouraging foreign investment by bringing in policies to ease the way for property investors. A steady economy, with an increasing tourist industry and a fast growing internal market, combine to make South Africa a strong proposition for property investors.

Why Invest in South Africa?

The market in South Africa has slowed since the wild boom of 2004, largely due to the increase in interest rates. Wise investors consider easing of prices as advantageous and are capitalising on the flattening prices by buying properties in carefully selected growth areas.

Natural and Cultural Factors

South Africa is a large country with a long coastline framed by stunning white beaches and boasting a diversity of scenery and climate. Buyers enjoy an exciting lifestyle and holiday destination.

  • Diverse open-air activities with something for everyone from the most dynamic sportsman to the more laid back sun worshipper.
  • Home to four world heritage sites, South Africa also has lively cities offering a variety of cultural events.
  • Excellent climate with good year round sunshine.
  • A healthy and relaxed outdoor lifestyle with something for everyone.
  • Superb access to wildlife and wildlife parks in many regions.
  • Although nine languages are official, English is used for all transactions making it easy for buyers to understand the processes.
  • Four international airports with frequent connections to major European cities.

Economic Factors

  • Substantial taxation breaks of up to 20% are on offer for real estate developers.
  • The 2010 world cup in South Africa is fuelling a demand for rental properties.
  • A 20% tax break on rental for five years is available for renovation projects.
  • The housing property market is showing steady growth of about 13.9% in the Western Cape and 15.6 % in metropolitan areas.
  • The commercial property market is out-performing markets in many Western countries.
  • The low rate of exchange between the Rand and major world currencies, enables property purchasers to buy more for their money.
  • Shortage of housing in certain areas is fuelling demand for rental properties.
  • The high price of housing excludes some from buying into the market and keeps the rental market buoyant.

Land for Development / Project Sourcing

With the push for more housing and tax advantages available for development projects in certain areas, South Africa has excellent potential for those seeking larger investment projects. work with a close network of developers, land owners and agents alike to establish a carefully vetted list of sources and contacts which allows us to find our clients the very best options available today. We can also help you to set up joint venture opportunities in South Africa and implement investment strategies with the help of our trusted network of professionals.

We maintain valuable contacts with large-scale individual investors and investment consortiums that wish to take advantage of the current investment locations in South Africa.


South Africa is not simply an exceptional country as far as lifestyle and climate are concerned, but it offers overseas property investors many advantages. In South Africa investors will find opportunities for profitable investment in several areas including city and commercial projects and currently regeneration projects in places such as Muizenberg in the Western Cape are offering excellent returns. The tax breaks available on similar projects are attracting investors from many countries worldwide. Savvy investors are taking advantage of the current real estate market in South Africa, while opportunities are still to be had, in buy-to-let, pure investment and land options.

Further information and resources

Research and Information

Research and Information

The information given here will assist you in obtaining the necessary information on investment property in South Africa.
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