South Africa - Natural Factors

Rich in natural resources, not only diamonds and gold, but in wild life and scenery too, South Africa has something to offer everyone. Below are some of the natural factors that make South Africa such a worthwhile investment location.

Natural Beauty

South Africa covers a vast expanse, with huge mountain ranges tipping into verdant river valleys and attracting numerous tourists wishing to enjoy stunning natural beauty and an abundance of wild life. Parks and game reserves are dotted throughout the country, many of which specialise in a certain type of wildlife. However South Africa has much more to offer than simply game reserves: wide, white beaches with super clean water offer bathers and surfers world class facilities. Dramatic mountain ranges run the length of the country and a variety of climatic regions create an unequalled wealth of vegetation.

There is almost no part of South Africa without its particular floral wealth or own particular fascination or attraction. The Cape floral kingdom has given the world many of the flowers we love and see in our gardens, for example, pelargonium, agapanthus and strelitzia all originate from the Cape.


South Africa claims three hundred days of sunshine per year, enough for all those outdoor pursuits so dear to the hearts of the locals and the many tourists who visit the country each year.

But the climate of South Africa is not homogenous - travel westward from coast to coast and you will find ranges from the luxuriant, well-watered and frost-free east coast, through to the dry Karoo with its semi-arid plains, and on to the desert of the western coast. The high central plain is characterised by hot, stormy summers and dry winters with cold nights and warm days, while the Western Cape has a typically Mediterranean climate. South Africa’s greatest climatic advantage lies in the “reverse” climate when compared with the northern hemisphere. Temperatures are high in summer from December to April, while elsewhere may be gripped by winter.


The lifestyle of South Africa is by and large considered to be relaxed and outdoor. There are many sporting facilities, such as excellent golf courses, as well as those that are created by the natural environment, for instance, hiking and surfing.

The South African people are very friendly and hospitable and will make you feel at home. Never think the setting sun the end of the South African day - as darkness falls a thriving nightlife begins, offering an assortment of activities to suit a great diversity of tastes.


From penny whistle to flute, South African culture is as varied as its population. The plastic arts are well represented and range from the simplest of handcrafts to the most sophisticated modern art. Theatre and opera, often starring top international artists, is available as well as offerings with a more local content. Singing and dancing is an inbuilt part of the African heritage and music can literally be found on every street corner.


Although the flying time from most European centres to South Africa is approximately twelve and a half hours, the great advantage is that there are no great time zones to cross and consequently no jet lag.

Flights from most major cities in Europe fly into the international airports at Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban with onward flights to most regions. Recently Globespan low cost airlines started flights from the UK to Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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