Guide To Property In Spain

The Guide to Property in Spain section of this site offers a wealth of general information on Spain and living in Spain. If you are considering buying property in Spain take a look through this section to learn vital information about your potential new home or property investment location.

Area Guide to Spain

Area Guide to Spain

Every small village and Town in Spain has its own personality. Use our area information pages to get a feel for many of the areas within Andalucia and help decide where would best suit you and your family.

Airport Information

Airport InformationA guide providing information about the best way to travel to Spain.

Spain Facts & Figures

Spain Facts and FiguresDetailed facts about Spain aimed at giving you a well rounded picture of of the country, including its useful statistics.

Download Guide to Spain (PDF)

Download Guide to Spain

Do you want find out more about Spain? Download our free guide to Spain in Adobe PDF format.

Healthcare in Spain

What number do you call in the event of an accident? What is the Healthcare in Spain like compared to the rest of the World? Learn now

Driving in Spain

It's vital that you understand the different laws and regulations when driving. What's the legal age limit to drive? The drink driving laws? Find out here.

Banking in Spain

Find out about the differences between banking in Spain and your part of the World. Take a look at the types of credit cards.

Spanish Cuisine

The Spanish are well documented as being among the healthiest nations on earth. Much of this is accredited to their cuisine. Learn More.

Crime and Police in Spain

Is Spain a safe place for me and my family? What are the different types of Police and their responsibilities? Learn about this and what to do in an emergency here.

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