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New Rules Set to Regulate Private Holiday Rentals in Spain

New rules are set to be introduced to regulate the private holiday rental market in Spain and bring it into line with the rest of Europe. According to the new rulings homeowners that wish to rent their residences as holiday lets will need a license to do so and they must also ensure that they declare their subsequent earnings from the rental to the tax man.   
20 January 2014

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What would your dream home look like?

Here are ten of our favourite design ideas for luxury living.   
29 November 2013

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House prices in Spain over the last 12 months

Since the Spanish property bubble burst in 2008 house prices in Spain have been in a steady state of decline and – according to figures released within the last few months – this unremitting depreciation has continued into 2013   
05 August 2013

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Catalonian Properties Likely To Trade Faster in 2013, Says Realtor

Property in Spain, Catalonia, Northern Spain are the target of increased investor-demand, according to luxury property real estate agency, Lucas Fox International Properties, which is based in the region.   
14 February 2013

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How to Avoid the Main Pitfalls of Buying Property in Spain

Spain is at the centre of the financial crisis, but not everyone is so blinded by this that they cannot see the opportunities presented by rock bottom property prices. Never the less we have all seen recently just how bad things get when a property investment goes wrong here are some things to watch for that will help you avoid a Spanish property disaster.   
02 August 2012

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