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Investment property in Spain and the Spanish property market offers investors great "Buy to Let" opportunities in an established market. In addition, emerging regions within Spain offer investors the potential to take advantage of steady capital appreciation

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Research And Information

Research And Information

Anyone can become a Property investor in Spain. Learn how you could begin to build wealth using a Spanish Property investment portfoliol.

An Established Investment Market Offering Steady Growth and Stability

Welcome to the Spanish Property Investment section of which sources qualified investment property in Spain for our members and provides access to in-depth investor reports for the opportunities.

Why Invest in Spain?

With around 2.8 million legal foreign residents in Spain, not to speak of ever-increasing tourism figures, Spain has become a top destination for foreign property investment.

The Spanish Ministry of Tourism predicts that more than one million foreigners will set up home on the Spanish coast in the next six years, and this figure is expected to treble by 2025.

Natural and Cultural Factors

  • The dream lifestyle is a new priority for northern Europeans who have become disillusioned with the cold climate as well as unhealthy, unsafe and hectic lifestyles.
  • Spain, particularly southern Spain, offers a fantastic, warm climate year round, allowing for an abundance of outdoor pursuits, such as over 26 golf courses, beaches and an attractive Spanish culture.
  • Spain boasts some stunning beaches and breathtaking countryside which caters for all tastes. Rambling, golf, skiing, water sports and beach life are but a few of the ways in which residents and tourists enjoy the outdoors.
  • An excellent infrastructure is already established,including European standards in medical and social security services.
  • Spain is easily accessible from the UK, with links to countless regional airports. Budge fares abound and within 2 ½ hours you can be touching down in sunny Spain. Alternatively, if you need to dash back “home”, it will not be a lengthy logistical exercise to get there.

Economic Factors

  • Lost confidence in the stock market. More and more people are disillusioned with their poorly performing pension and savings plans, PEPs and stock investments which continue to fall in value daily. Their number one priority has now become the search for opportunities that can give a satisfying return on their investment.
  • Spain still offers value for money and excellent returns. The market remains buoyant and there is little sign of change for the foreseeable future. Despite a slight slowdown, construction continues relentlessly. Bought in the right location, property remains the favourite form of investment.
  • Property prices in Spain remain a good deal lower than those back home, allowing people to afford a holiday or second home, or indeed relocate to the country and retire early. Spanish properties are becoming more popular as they provide an excellent investment as well as a holiday home.
  • Off-plan purchases are a popular investment option for those in the know. You can avoid the full cost of paying for the property by paying in installments and selling the property on for a much higher price prior to project completion. Vast profits continue to be made with shrewd off-plan investment.
  • A large flourishing rental market is offered in Spain and investment in a property with good rental potential can achieve excellent returns. Spain is a top choice for tourists who enjoy a variety of self-catering accommodation, apartments and private villas. Get it right, and you could rent your property out for six months of the year to cover costs and have it for your own use, free of charge, for the rest of the year.
  • Young investors can afford to buy in Spain. There is a new trend emerging among the young under 30s British to get their first step onto the property ladder abroad as they can ill afford to do so in the UK. According to a recent survey by Atlas International, Spain is the number one their list.
  • Rising prices seem set to continue for the foreseeable future, in both the popular coastal resorts as well as in easily accessible inland regions. Spain has a stable and mature property market, while prices have risen by 48% in the past three years. Experts predict that prices will continue to rise, albeit at a slower pace than in recent years.
  • The Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are two prime investment areas, being the most popular tourist areas. Prices remain relatively high on both coasts but due to huge demand, you could be sitting on a goldmine in the long-term.
  • Buying in Spain is a well-trodden path. There is plenty of expert, readily available advice on the subject and provided you use a good, independent lawyer, your purchase should be trouble-free.

Land for Development/Project Sourcing fully appreciate the need to find new land investment opportunities in Spain to give investors the best returns on investment. We currently offer some very lucrative hot spots in Spain and will gladly help you set up joint venture opportunities or simply source land opportunities on your behalf.

We operate an ever-increasing network of developers, agents and associated partners who are dedicated, well established and carefully vetted to fulfill an important task: to help our investors to identify the best investment options available in Spain, then to implement investment strategies using a trusted network of competent and reliable professionals. We will provide you with a hive of information on such matters as local knowledge, language, legal technicalities and financial matters to help you in your decision.An improvement in the worldwide property investment climate has enabled us to identify a growing number of large scale individual investors and investment consortiums who constantly look to take advantage of the current hot investment locations in Spain.


Now is the ideal time to make an intelligent investment in Spanish property. Low interest rates, a strong economy and a huge demand for rental accommodation is further fueled by the revolution of internet bookings.

Spanish property investment has been popular with investors for a long time and is still the favourite location for UK investors due to many factors, including the number of low cost airlines operating from over the UK to many destinations within Spain. Many investors look to secure a rental income from their investment property and Spain is one of the safest options for rental yields, due to its established tourist industry which over the years has proved it can reliably satisfy this requirement.

In the past four years alone, the British have increased their spending on overseas properties by 45%, the favourite destinations being in Spain, then France.

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