Spain - Investment Property

It is possible for YOU to become an IPIN Global member and buy a Spanish property with just 10% down and upon completion let your income from rental clients pay your mortgage and earn you a secondary income. We offer our members up to 5 years guaranteed rental income on some properties. At the same time your property appreciates in value at one of the fastest rates worldwide.

Succeed Using Spanish Investment Property

"We work with our members - using property investment to generate wealth"

We help our members to build wealth and successful property portfolios with minimum outlay and maximum returns using our experience and knowledge in this sector.The Spanish rental market is booming with huge numbers of people now booking accommodation via the Internet - now is a great time to invest in Spanish Buy-to-Let property.

  • We find investment opportunities, check them against our required criteria then offer them to our Investors as Intelligent Investments. We can offer the lowest "money down" deals you will find in Spain and guaranteed rental options.
  • Work with our members to offer the best advice and Investment property planning to ensure their investment property in Spain is secure and profitable.
  • Negotiate with developers on behalf of our members to get early entry into projects and the best possible Spanish property prices.

With the Stock Markets generally underperforming and other investment vehicles yielding low returns many international investors are turning to the stable and historically high return property market as a secure wealth building investment.

With 70% mortgages readily available, help with "Equity Release" and excellent " Buy-to-Let" opportunities, property investment is no longer an investment enjoyed only by the wealthy who wish to create even greater wealth, almost anyone can benefit from this form of investment.

We are Committed to Substantially Increasing Your Financial Status - Safely

We have a large number of active property Investors from all walks of life. We work together whether they be professional Investors who wish to gain an advantage by getting the information and ability to buy into new projects early, or new Investors that want help from our experts every step along the way during their first purchase and then to create a portfolio.

We Also Offer Undervalued Re-sale Property to our Members

IPIN Global also sources Undervalued Re-Sale property for our members. We offer existing homeowners who's circumstances have changed and who NEED to sell their existing property fast the ability to register their property with us. We then look at this property and its current independent valuation and then offer this to our registered Investors as an Investment 20-30% below current market value.

We Look After Our Investors and Help EVERY Step of the Way

At any given time there are hundreds of Off-Plan Property opportunities from a huge variety of developers for you to choose from. We believe however that only selected developments are actual "Investment Opportunities". We spend time and effort in choosing these carefully and ensuring that the developers have good track records, all licenses and security measures in place, that the investment property we offer to our members is of high quality, located in the best locations and most likely to generate good profits for our buyers.

Help With Financing Your Investment Property

We do not just source premium investment opportunities we also help you to maximize your buying power by utilizing current assets and advising on the following with the help of our associated companies:

Equity Release - borrowing against an existing property

Mortgage Options - We source the best Mortgage options for your individual purchase. Interest rates in Spain are favorable to the UK.

Help to Sell Your Investment Property

We are also in a position to help our Investors Sell their investment either before or after Completion, using our extensive client database we can match your investment property to a secondary purchaser looking to buy your investment, also we can offer your property to our associated agents to help sell your investment as quickly as possible via our online showroom.

Guaranteed Rental Income

For Investors who purchase our Investment property with the intention of renting the property for profit whilst allowing the property to appreciate in value we can also help. Firstly because you bought your property with us we know it will be highly rent able and we will actively help source rental agents for you. Also in some cases we can offer a GUARANTEED rental income from our investment properties for varying periods of time.

Advantages of Joining IPIN Global

  • Get early Information on New Developments
  • Be 100% sure your Property is ´Investment friendly´ and is rentable
  • Choose from the most lucrative PRE-release developments - Available BEFORE other agents and the general public
  • No need to worry about Building Licenses and Bank Guarantees we insist upon your financial security
  • Receive regular updates on the developments progress
  • Let our Investment experts work with you to build a portfolio and generate serious wealth, safely!
  • Have any query or question answered quickly and intelligently by our experienced personnel
  • Receive our monthly newsletter written by independent experts
  • Avoid commonly made mistakes - benefit from our experience

* Global Prospects S.L operating does not take reciept of any monies or sign contracts with investors. We operate independently, sourcing property investment opportunities for our members. All contracts and monies are always handled directly with the property developer offering the property.

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