Land And Ruins In Spain

Spain offers a massive selection of land and ruins for sale. It is important when considering purchasing land or ruins in Spain that you consider many factors and speak to an expert in this field first as building regulations vary from area to area.

1. Building Regulations - Land

Spain is tightening the laws on building new properties all the time to protect the rural areas and to prevent the busier coastal areas from getting over-crowded without sufficient infrastructure to support this growth. One way it is enforcing these laws is through the restriction of building new properties. Building permission is usually easier to obtain inland rather than on the coast.

Plots of land are usually registered as either

  1. Permit to build (which usually means the land is a lot more expensive)
  2. Rustic

In some areas you can build a property on a plot of land then go to the Authorities and register it. In other areas you cannot build on it and buying the plot could be risky as Building Permission will possibly not be given. It is vital when purchasing land that you confirm that the land is suitable to use for the purpose you intend or that you can build and register the property when built and reputable agents will help you with this.

If you want to know more about this then e-mail with any questions and we will ensure they you answered promptly.

2. Building Regulations - Ruins

Many people now look to avoid building restrictions by finding a suitable size ruin on a large land parcel and re-building a new property. Due to the fact that there is a ruin on the plot means that it should be registered as a property so all that is needed is a Permit to Reform. This can be a solution in many cases but its important to check this with agents and Lawyers prior to purchasing the ruin, see more information on fines and laws on our Inland Property page or e-mail any questions to

3. Water / Electricity and Telephone

Do not assume that all land and ruins have access to running water and electricity. In many rural areas this is not the case so be sure to check this with the agent. Also ensure that the building is registered correctly as this too can affect the availability of certain services. If a property is not registered (apart from obvious re-sale issues) there can be problems ordering telephone lines etc as according to the Telco company the property does not exist.

4. Access by Road

Another important factor when buying land and ruins is the accessability. Many Rural properties are accessed by long dirt tracks and can require a 4x4 to access it especially after rain in the winter. The access can also be a problem if you require machinery for any re-building work.

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