'Canny investors' will take advantage of Spanish market
By Peter Mindenhall

'Canny investors' will take advantage of Spanish market

The Spanish property market will provide investors with some "fantastic opportunities" later this year, it has been claimed.

Despite still being in a relatively poor condition, the real estate market in the country will present careful and astute buyers with some bargain properties.

According to Mark Stucklin, head of spanishpropertyinsight.com, the weak economy could mean buyers are able to make a shrewd investment purchase in the popular European destination.

He explained: "In this year and next year, there are going to be some fantastic opportunities to buy really great quality property at a great price - taking advantage of this depressed market. That is what the canny buyers will be doing."

Mr Stucklin recommended buyers stick to prime locations when it came to buying property, taking advantage of prices which "are basically back to where they were eight to ten years ago".

Earlier this year, A Place in the Sun predicted that Spain was the best destination for property investment in 2010, despite figures from the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica revealing that the economy had decreased by 0.1 per cent and remained in recession.

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