Eurozone 'offers good long-term opportunities'
By Danny Bance

Eurozone 'offers good long-term opportunities'

Investors who wish to invest in eurozone property can still do well provided they concentrate on the long run, an expert has stated.

Commenting that now is a "great time" to buy, editor of a Place in the Sun Magazine Richard Way remarked: "If you take a five-to-ten year view then you will be safe. The days of buying off-plan and turning it over for a quick profit are gone."

He stated that those who are investing for buy-to-let purposes should concentrate on "key principles" such as being in a good market, substantial local infrastructure and the property concerned enjoying a strong rental potential.

The recently published Global Property Guide figures for house prices in 2008 showed that some European Union countries still saw prices rise last year.

After adjustments for inflation, Cyprus and Germany both saw increases of 1.01 per cent, while Bulgaria enjoyed a jump of 2.25 per cent.

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