Traditional European markets attract Britons
By Danny Bance

Traditional European markets attract Britons

New research has found that traditional tourist destinations in Europe are still the most popular options among Britons.

Norwich Union has used its customer information to compile a profile of what it describes as the average British couple.

A typical husband and wife in the UK were said to be called Mr and Mrs Smith, own a Ford Fiesta and live in a 60-year-old house.

In addition, the profile showed that the average British couple takes their summer holiday in Spain every year.

Simon Warsop, spokesperson for Norwich Union, commented: "Contrary to popular belief, it reveals that we are a lot more traditional than we think we are."

Spain is also a hotspot for second home buyers from the UK who want a property in another country.

According to A Place in the Sun, it is currently the most popular destination among property investors from the UK.

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