Inland Spanish Property

Moving your property search inland can make a big difference to the amount you spend on your home. This page gives you an idea of what prices are like in the inland areas of Spain.

The biggest secret in Spain is starting to be discovered by many property buyers. Property prices in the coastal areas have been going up and although still very competitive compared with the UK and other locations, the luxury of living next to the sea comes at a high price.

Now, the secret is out - move a mere 20 minutes inland and you get significantly more property for your money. So much so that many British and other Europeans are looking at inland property in Spain for their new homes and holiday homes. More families are deciding the quiet, tranquil life, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist driven Spanish coastal towns is perfect for them.

What Can I Get For my Money?

To get a real idea, you could search our database and arrange to view property with us. Here we have assumed a rough budget of £160,000 or €225,000. Below you can compare what is available on the UK market and the coastal Spanish market with inland property available in Spain (examples only):

Southern UK Semi
Coastal Spanish Townhouse
Rural Spanish Villa
Rural Spanish Finca

Recommended Areas For Good Value Inland Property in Spain

We have been involved with great value inland property for a long time now and can offer a huge range in many locations. We have inland property to suit every possible budget ranging from €20,000 through to top quality fincas and townhouses. We recommend taking a look at the inland Andalucia section in our Area Guide to get an idea of the rural areas we specialise in.

Below are links to areas with exceptional selections of inland property within Spain:

Rural Life

Moving to an inland destination in Spain is not a decision to be made lightly. It can mean a very different lifestyle for people who are used to living in a city such as London. Some thrive in this change of life, while other people can struggle and feel isolated. When you move to many of the coastal towns, learning Spanish is not essential as you can (although more difficult) conduct everyday life without the language. Many locals have learned English and other languages to deal with the thousands of tourists that come to their shores.

In many rural areas, learning Spanish is much more important as you are adapting to the Spanish way of life and must adjust to fit in. To many, this is not a hardship but a luxury and a way of life they have actively sought.

Inland Spain Property Categories

The type of property you find in rural Spain varies substantially from on the coast. The coast is full of shiny new developments, while inland, the property is generally more mature. Many properties need work to be done to them before they would be considered habitable. It’s common to find townhouses in the small villages and fincas (small standalone farmhouse buildings) in more remote parts, often with olive trees, orange trees and other beautiful sights.


A Spanish finca is the equivalent of an English smallholding. Typically, a finca has around 10,000m2 of land, although there is no set rule on the amount of land you get.

To be brought to the standard of a family home, Spanish fincas often need a fair amount of work to be carried out on them. However they are typically very good value for the amount of property and land you get. Many homebuyers in Spain look at fincas as a renovation project and build in renovation costs to their purchase budget.


A cortijo is a large Spanish farm often with one or more buildings on it. Traditionally the Spanish nobility owned cortijos. Generally, a cortijo is a more upmarket property with many outbuildings such as stables.


Rural townhouses in Spain are normally found in villages and are attached to another townhouse on one or both sides. Read more about Townhouses in Spain.

Owing to the similarity in the characteristics between the various types of rural property available in Spain, we have created a category in our database for rural Properties.

Building Regulations and Modifications - The Law

When buying inland it is important that you deal with reputable companies who understand the procedure and law specifically with regard these to types of properties and areas. For a long time it was easy for buyers to buy a plot of land and simply build the house they desired. Even though laws did exist to control this to an extent they were ignored and in the unlikely event that the owner was caught, the fines were so small that it was an accepted risk.

Recently laws have been tightened and fines have risen dramatically. Instead of 1%-2% of the construction value of the property, builders can now be fined 12.5% of the market value!

This new legislation has changed the Spanish inland property market. More importantly it means new buyers of rural property must ensure that they use reputable agents and involve lawyers to guarantee the property they purchase is legitimate and will not have future problems.

The Andalucian regional government, the Junta de Andalucía has taken control of new building away from the municipalities throughout Andalucia. They use aircraft to search for, and have the right to knock down buildings that are under construction without the relevant licences. You also hear of some instances where un-official buildings cannot have telephone lines or electricity due to the fact that technically the property does not exist.

All this sounds daunting but the truth is as long as you purchase your Spanish Property from a competent agent, experienced in this form of purchase, you can benefit from investing in rural properties. It really is important that you speak with experts regarding your specific requirements and property as the rules can and do change.

Find Out More

If you would like to know more about any aspect of purchasing property in inland Spain, or are interested in any of our rural properties, or have any legal or other questions, then you can contact us anytime.

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