Successfully Invest In Thailand

It is possible for YOU to become an IPIN member and start to invest in property in Thailand whilst prices are low. "We work with our members - using property investment to generate wealth"

We help our members build successful property portfolios with minimum outlay and maximum returns using our experience and knowledge in this sector.

Investors in Thailand property look to maximise profits by investing early in popular areas with rental potential and good capital appreciation.

  • We find investment opportunities, carefully check them against our required criteria then offer them to our members as intelligent investments
  • We can offer the lowest "money down" deals you will find in Thailand, along with guaranteed rental options
  • Work with our members to offer the best advice and planning to ensure their investment is secure and profitable
  • Negotiate with developers on behalf of our members to get early entry into projects and the best possible property prices

We are committed to substantially increasing your financial status - safely

We assist a large number of active property investors from all walks of life. Working with professional investors who wish to gain an advantage by obtaining early information on new projects, we help you every step of the way.

We help our investors EVERY step of the way

At any given time there are hundreds of Off-Plan Property opportunities from a huge variety of developers to choose from. We believe, however, that only selected developments merit the term “Investment Opportunities”. We spend time and effort to choose these carefully, ensuring that the developers have solid track records, all licenses and security measures in place, and that all investment properties we offer members are well located and of high quality

Help with financing your investment property

We do not just source premium investment opportunities, we also help you to maximise your buying power by utilising current assets and advising on the following with the help of our associated companies:

  • Equity Release - borrowing against an existing property
  • Mortgage Options - we source the best mortgage options for your individual purchase

Help to sell your investment property

We are also in a position to help investors sell their properties, either before or after completion. Using our extensive client database and online showroom, we can match your investment property to a secondary purchaser and offer your property to our associated agents.

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