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Turkish Mortgages

So you have had marvelous sun-drenched holidays in Turkey, swimming in azure seas and enjoying the freshly caught fish and local wine at friendly sea-side restaurants.   
22 March 2013

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Two Turkish Property Spots to Watch Under the New Law

The Turkish property market continues to impress, with its growth rate strong enough to bring investors good returns but steady enough to meet the need for safety in today's risk-averse investment climate.   
07 September 2012

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Is Turkish Property a Good Investment for my Pension

We live in precarious times. With the elderly living longer, and people choosing to work longer there are less young people working to support more elderly pensions, and to make matters worse the recent stock market crash severely depleted most people's private pension plans....   
02 May 2012

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The Hottest Reason to Buy St Kitts Property

You don't have to read much about overseas property to hear a lot about St Kitts at the moment. It is gaining a reputation as one of the top choices in the Caribbean for holiday home purchases and investment, not least because of its vast and varied wonders, from its variety of beaches and hillside landscapes to its mixture of beautiful serenity and modern comforts....   
23 March 2012

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Foreign Investment in Turkish Property Soars into 2012

Residential property in Turkey grew in value by an average of 10% last year according to new data from GYODER. The Turkish real estate investing partners association issued its index for December showing that...   
02 February 2012

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