Turkey Investment Tax Planning

Tax is an inevitable part of any property investment - below you will gain an insight into what taxes to expect with regard to your property in Turkey.

Property Tax

Buyers tax

Approximately 1.5% based on the declared price of the property.

Government tax

Approximately €200

Community tax

Approximately €16 paid yearly for local services.

Property tax

Approximately 0,5% based on the declared value of property, paid yearly.

Buildings and land owned in Turkey are subject to real estate tax at the following rates:

  • Residences 0.1%
  • Other buildings 0.2%
  • Land 0.1%
  • Vacant land (but allocated for construction purposes) 0.3%
  • Farming lands 0%

Inheritance and Gift Tax

Property acquired as a gift or through inheritance is subject to taxes of between 1% and 30% of the valuation. Tax paid in another country on inherited property is deducted from the taxable value of the asset. Inheritance tax is payable over the period of three years and in two installments per year.

Environmental Tax

Environmental Tax contributes towards the financing of certain services such as rubbish disposal. This tax is levied in staged payments and is charged according to the location of the property.

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