Antalya likely to lead Turkish tourism boom
By Steve Binge

Antalya likely to lead Turkish tourism boom

Individuals with an interest in property in Turkey may be alerted by news that Antalya could become the epicentre for tourism in the country, it has been reported.

According to Turkish news provider Today's Zaman, Huseyin Baraner, president of the Turkish Tourism Business Council, said the popularity of Turkey to tourists is fuelling the European market, with Antalya at the centre.

"Antalya will become one of the most important tourism centres in the world. As Antalya's touristic sales increase impressively, competitors to the city are seeing slowdowns at the same rate," Mr Baraner told the media outlet.

Furthermore, he claimed that Antalya was helping to keep many European tour operators on their feet in terms of holiday bookings.

However, he was quick to point out that it was important the council continued to be grounded in order to remain as successful in 2010.

Antalya is located on the south-western Mediterranean coast of Turkey and hosts numerous music and film festivals throughout the year.

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