Turkey offers "huge" market for investors
By James Roberts

Turkey offers "huge" market for investors

Turkey's location, economy and mortgage laws make it a lucrative opportunity for property investors, according to a market expert.

Julie Anthony, Sunseekers Altinkum UK representative and partner of Fisks International, said that Turkey's positioning between the east and the west was attractive to property buyers.

She told Easier that its growing economy, which boomed by more than seven per cent in 2005, had placed in in the top 20 largest in the world.

"With new mortgage laws recently passed and a population of over 70 million, Turkey offers a huge and dynamic domestic market to foreign investors, with prices rising by as much as 25 per cent a year in some places," she told the website.

She went on to add that Brits could get a good deal on the exchange rate now and Turkish developers were putting a lot of money into tourist attractions, such as a marina and two golf courses in Altinkim.

Overseas property investment company Principal International recently commented that serious investors were casting their net of interest wider than traditional favourites like France and Spain.

Spokesperson Simon Ryeland said that development of facilities and the low cost of beachfront properties were prime factors.
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