Turkey growing in popularity
By Steve Binge

Turkey growing in popularity

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Turkey is becoming increasingly popular among overseas home buyers, experts say.

The currency specialist HiFX cited its latest Global Property Hotspots Report as showing a significant increase in enquiries from Brits looking for 'Turkish delights' this month.

British buyers are now the second largest group of foreign property owners in Turkey, with 12,000 properties according to the latest Turkish government statistics, it found.

German owners are the most common investors, accounting for almost a quarter of the property bought by non-Turkish citizens.

HiFX's Mark Bodega said that political changes have helped bring about more favorable conditions for foreign investors.

"Having delivered Turkey's most successful term of government in recent times, prime minister Erdogan has succeeded in bringing the Turkish economy firmly under control," he said.

"He has opened the door to major international investment and moved the country to final accession to the European community."

On Sunday Mr Erdogan was re-elected with 47 per cent of the vote.
His Justice and Development party is committed to bringing Turkey's economy and society to meet EU membership requirements.
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