Investors urged to 'diversify'
By Steve Binge

Investors urged to 'diversify'

Property investors are being encouraged to diversify their portfolios to make the most of the property boom and ensure maximum returns.

The independent mortgage broker Savills Private Finance says investors need to consider what kind of properties they wish to buy and where wish choose to buy them.

Indeed, location will depend on investors' attitudes to risk, with some areas offering the possibility of larger returns than others but coming as a much bigger gamble.

"As with any investment the key is establishing your appetite for risk and diversifying as much as possible," Savills manger Miranda John told The Telegraph.

"In an ideal world, and budget permitting, you should look at investing in different types of market broadly defined as high, medium and low risk."

High risk markets include those where until recently foreign buyers have been unable to invest because of legal or political restrictions.

Meanwhile low risk markets, such as France and Spain, tend to be much more established and have competitive, transparent lending markets.

According to Atlas International Turkey represents an excellent opportunity for investors at the moment as it is very under-developed and prices are low.
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