The dramatic Lycian tombs
By Roxanne James

The Dazzling Delights of Dalyan, Turkey

Set in one of the most fertile agricultural regions in Turkey, the riverbank town of Dalyan bursts with natural beauty. Here you will enjoy a unique experience, like no other resort area on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Life in the picturesque fishing town revolves around the placid waters of Dalyan Creek that gently flow past the town bringing an abundance of bass, sea bream and mullet upstream from the Mediterranean.

Steeped in layers of rich history, Dalyan has a wealth of fascinating sites waiting to be explored. The dramatic Lycian tombs, carved into the rockfaces that dominate the town are just some of the traces left by regular people from ancient civilisations, giving visitors to Dalyan a true feeling of what life was like thousands of years ago.

Nearby Iztuzu beach is famously protected as a natural nesting ground for the endangered loggerhead turtle and for that reason, is rated one of the world's best beach destinations. An idyllic natural beach, Iztuzu is protected by a conservation order restricting facilities to just one café, some changing cabins, a first aid hut and a shaded area, with absolutely no development nearby.

While in Dalyan, you can take a short boat trip to Liza Cavus thermal springs and enjoy a therapeutic mud bath. As you navigate to the springs along Dalyan Creek, your captain will tell you all about the area and its flora and fauna while you absorb the stunning scenery. When you arrive at Liza Cavus, you'll be ready to bathe in the deep cleansing mud of the hot springs, treating your skin to a little rejuvenation and leaving you ready for your next adventure in Dalyan.

If you want to get up close and personal with Dalyan's striking coastline, there are a host of watersports and activities on offer. You can either explore the shimmering azure waters of the Mediterranean by snorkelling or scuba diving or choose the more relaxed option of a trip on a glass-bottomed boat, where you can enjoy the remarkable view with a cocktail in your hand!

Property in the Province of Muğla where Dalyan is located is remarkably cheap considering the value you get for your money. A luxurious 3-bedroom villa with its own pool can be picked up for around £150,000, a snip compared to other resort locations throughout Europe.

Rentals are easily achieved as this is an up and coming area for holidaymakers and there is also an increasing interest in the town coming from eco-tourism operators in the area. A 3-bedroom villa would generate around €100 per night during the peak holiday season.

Dalyan really dazzles as a wonderful destination for those seeking a unique experience; where ancient civilisations come to life before your eyes and the magnificence of nature takes your breath away. How can you possibly resist?


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