Turkey is proving attractive to Britons
By James Roberts

Turkey hailed as non-euro alternative

Turkey is proving to be a popular destination for Britons looking to buy overseas, it has been stated.

As well as the climate, the country is currently proving attractive to Britons due to the fact that it is outside the eurozone, making pounds go further, reports the Daily Mail.

The paper noted that the cost of living is up to 60 per cent less than in the UK and this has improved recently.

Director at Foreign Currency Direct Stephen Hughes told the paper the last year has seen a 36 per cent rise in exchanges of sterling to Turkish lira.

He said: "The Turkish lira has increased by 6.5 per cent against the pound in the past year, which means that those who changed to lira find their money goes much further than before."

Such a favourable currency trend may prompt investors to consider buying property in Turkey.

Turkey recently reached 10th place in the Jet-to-Let Magazine survey of favoured overseas buyer destinations for 2009.

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