Turkey 'has strong rental market'
By Steve Binge

Turkey 'has strong rental market'

Overseas property buyers who wish to invest in a strong rental market have been advised to consider purchasing a residence in Turkey.

According to Shelter Offshore, the European country offers excellent weather conditions for about ten months of the year.

This, it stated, means that it is popular with holidaymakers throughout this period, which increases the period of time that rental accommodation is in high demand.

As a result, Turkey could be far more lucrative buy-to-let investment market than a place which offers a more seasonal tourist trade, as the opportunity to collect strong returns is not as limited.

Shelter Offshore added that the fact that Turkey is easy to reach all year round is also helping to underpin its rental sector.

The website commented: "It means more [people] can get to their property and rent it and it means that they can easily and affordably keep an eye on it and enjoy it."

According to Property Wire, more than 27 million foreign leisure travellers are set to arrive in the country this year.

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