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By Peter Mindenhall

Turkey a "hotspot" for British property investors

Brits looking for a property overseas are increasingly considering Turkey, it has been claimed.

Writing for Mortgage Strategy, director of Conti Clare Nessling explained that in many locations around Europe purchasing a home "has probably never been so affordable".

One of the countries that is attracting British buyers is Turkey, she noted, pointing out that mortgage availability is "generally good".

"Turkey offers great property prices and as tourism has risen dramatically over the past few years, rental yields are lucrative," Ms Nessling commented.

She added that these factors have made the Turkish real estate market one of the largest "hotspots" for British buyers looking for a property overseas.

Potential investors may be encouraged by figures published last month by the Turkish Statistical Institute, which showed that income derived from tourism increased during the third quarter of 2011, compared to the same period in 2010.

According to the organisation, the amount generated by holidaymakers in the country rose by 8.9 per cent during this three-month timeframe, with 78 per cent of this revenue coming from foreign travellers.

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