Antalya has a whopping 197 Blue Flag beaches
By Roxanne James

Turkey Promotes Tourist Hotspots at Korea Travel Fair

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Istanbul has been enjoying quite some time in the investor spotlight, attracting significant foreign capital particularly to its hospitality sector. However, Ali Karakus director of the Turkish Embassy in Korea has been highlighting Turkey's many other attributes while at the Korea Travel Fair at Coex in Seoul earlier this month.

Turkey, established as the bridge between east and west has long been a popular tourist destination for travellers from Asia although Karakus suggests that Korean tourists are missing out on a whole host of Turkish attractions because they are not exploring beyond certain areas.

"Perhaps due to the tourism agency's choices, Koreans have visited limited areas in Turkey – Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale. This is only 10% of what we have to offer," he said.

Turkey has a varied landscape with shorelines on the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea, eclectic architecture, breathtaking beaches, ancient sites and monuments, world-class ski resorts and golf courses. There's literally something for everyone from every generation and offers fantastic value to holidaying families from both Europe and Asia.

"If visitors spend extra time touring nearby areas of the hotspots they will experience the full depth of Turkey's attractions including outdoor activities, local food, customs and festivals," added Karakus.

During the Travel Fair, Mr Karakus recommended western Turkey, particularly the southern province of Antalya, known as the Turkish Riviera for its white sandy beaches, aqua-blue coves, ancient ruins and untouched countryside. The region has long been a magnet for international tourists and honeymooners and is the second most popular destination in Turkey, attracting 11.5 million tourists in 2014 particularly from Germany, Russia, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Antalya has a whopping 197 Blue Flag beaches with nearby resort towns that are lined with luxury hotels, waterfront bars, restaurants and shopping facilities. The Belek region in Antalya province has 17 golf clubs and 50 five-star hotels along the coastline.

Turkey aims to attract 50 million foreign tourists annually by 2023 which will mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the republic. In 2014, more than 37 million international tourists visited the country placing it high in the ranks of the world's most popular hotspots.

Turkey's real estate market is shaping up in response to the government's drive to boost tourism. Significant commercial investment in Istanbul, led by internationally branded hotel groups is now spreading to secondary tourist markets like Antalya.

Further investment in and development of the tourist sector in Turkey is set to have an advantageous impact on property prices, particularly in resort areas. Opportunities to invest in serviced hotel rooms in a number of branded hotels are available for those seeking to limit capital outlay. Property prices are generally still heavily discounted against pre-crisis levels although competition is gathering pace and it is likely that price growth will be marked in 2015.


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