Turkey property market 'set to open up'
By James Roberts

Turkey property market 'set to open up'

The property market in Turkey is broadening its appeal in the wake of a decline in investors from Europe, one property portal has stated.

Shelter Offshore has revealed that rules dictating who can and cannot purchase property in the country are being reviewed as Turkey aims to fill the void left by British, Irish and German investors with buyers from the Middle East.

Currently, the principle of reciprocity - which only allows foreign buyers to purchase Turkish property if Turks are allowed to buy homes in the buyer's home country - is prohibiting wealthy Middle Eastern residents from investing in the area.

However, these rules could be set to change, a move which may benefit those who already own homes in Turkey as the country may benefit from the expected influx of money from new buyers.

According to Property Abroad's Les Calvert, new airports being built in Turkey are set to further increase tourism to the country - which he states is one of the "most popular countries" for investment.

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