Turkey tipped as boom market
By James Roberts

Turkey tipped as boom market

Turkey has been identified as a boom market by an international mortgage firm.

Conti Finance said that its own figures revealed the country to still be the third most popular nation for prospective British buyers of overseas property, accounting for 13 per cent of enquiries so far this year.

This was up from 11 per cent in 2008 and reflects a number of advantages the country offers, according to the company.

The mortgage supplier said that Turkish property offers both a Mediterranean location and a non-euro currency, which makes it cheaper for Britons.

It also stated that rising tourist numbers - anticipated to reach 30 million for 2009 - are helping to boost the fly-to-let investment market.

The firm commented: "This will ensure that demand for quality rental properties in the popular tourist areas will continue to outstrip supply, making rental yields very lucrative."

Shelter Offshore recently recommended Turkey as a good place to emigrate to for those of limited means, because of its low cost of living.

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