Natural Factors In The United Arab Emirates

Dubai offers a wide variety of natural attractions that make it the popular tourist and expatriate destination it is today.

The UAE’s natural facets include an abundance of sunshine, sandy beaches, sea and water sports, all combined with an intriguing cultural experience. In addition, a relaxed, high quality lifestyle of top-class restaurants, golf resorts and tax-free shopping continues to entice a growing influx of investors, expatriates and holidaymakers alike.


Its geographic location allows the UAE to act as a connecting link, both physically and culturally, between Europe and the Indian sub-continent, the Far East and Africa.

An immense four fifths of the Emirates is composed of desert; however, they also offer a truly awe-inspiring spectacle of contrasting landscapes - sweeping sand dunes, fertile plains, rich oases with steep, rocky mountains and waterfalls, make the UAE a spectacular place to visit.

The climate in the UAE varies slightly from emirate to emirate but average winter temperatures can go down to 14°C in January and reach as high as 41°C in August. Many visitors avoid the worst of the summer heat between June and September. Rainfall is generally sparse and intermittent, falling mostly during February or March.


Traditional Arab hospitality and the country’s deep-rooted cultural heritage are firm attractions for visitors to the UAE and these are easily accessible in the Emirates’ many cultural centres. Traditional sports such as falconry, camel-racing and horse-racing are also great attractions for tourists.

As one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf, other cultures and beliefs are generally tolerated provided, that is, that visitors also respect the native Arab culture of the emirate they are visiting. English is widely spoken as a common international language within professional circles.


Ease of access via its six international airports boosts the UAE’s attraction as a worldwide business and holiday destination.


An abundance of sightseeing opportunities exists in the UAE, from cultural monuments to natural and man-made wonders, adding to the UAE’s great appeal as a relocation and holiday destination. Sights such as Dubai’s Arabian oryx, the Al Maha wildlife resort, and Wild Wadi Park with its adventure theme park are just some of the more natural attractions that await tourists.

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