Dubai property 'one of the best' for investment
By Peter Mindenhall

Dubai property 'one of the best' for investment

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Purchasing property in Dubai can be one of the best choices for those looking to make a long-term investment, it has been claimed.

According to London-based property advisor Mohammed Kashani-Akhavan, the current cancellation of development projects is likely to reduce supply, thus resulting in existing properties increasing in value in the future.

"It is a great time to invest," he remarked, adding that in order to become a successful property investor the best tactic is to "buy low when everybody else is selling".

He also stated that the emirate's "capable and committed leadership" is well-positioned to ensure a successful future for Dubai, noting that it has already helped turn the city into one of the "most important … in the world".

Funding difficulties hav bveen cited by many developers as reasons for cutting back on building rates in the emirate.

Arabtec Construction recently stated that it is looking to slow down development, as there is "no reason" for projects to continue at their current speed.

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