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Investment Property in the United Kingdom

Investment Property in United Kingdom

Research the reasons why UK property is still a worthwhile asset and learn how it currently figures within worldwide property investment markets.

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Guide to Property in United KingdomAn informative guide to the UK, including facts, figures, economic and cultural information about the nation and the practicalities of your property purchase in the UK.

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Property News in United Kingdom

Keep up to date with all the latest the UK property and investment news and articles. Provided by and carefully selected sources from around the world.

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Investment Research in United Kingdom

Reasons why the UK is such a solid investment option. Property investment in the UK is forever popular - learn the reasons why in this section.

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Investment Locations

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Today property in the UK still offers investment opportunity in carefully selected locations.

It is true that real estate prices have rocketed in the UK over recent years, especially in London, and that a severe slump in the market has ensued. This situation now makes it all the more important to research the local property market carefully and, for those prepared to dig deep, some potentially profitable property choices can still be made to generate long term returns on investment.

As a member of the G8, the UK is a highly industrialised economic nation boasting the sixth largest GDP figures in the world. This translates into a strong economic environment requiring a sustaining supply of residential and commercial property.

Property investment growth is taking place at a very slow but steady pace in some areas, particularly in London, the south east and parts of Scotland.

Despite a slowdown in the UK economy, as in much of the world, government figures still indicate that growth is expected to achieve estimated 2.5% by 2009. Although visitors don’t come to the UK for its climate, tourists flock there for a wide variety of other reasons, including rich history, cultural heritage and beautiful greenery. A vast array of arts, sights, shopping and a truly intoxicating culture continues to make the UK a top destination for tourists from across the globe. Tourist hotspots continue to be favourites for property investors wishing to profit from hotels and holiday rentals.

If you are considering purchasing a property in the UK, a look at our UK Property Guide will help you gather information about properties and sought-after locations in the UK, giving in-depth knowledge of the property buying process. If your UK property purchase is aimed purely as an investment vehicle, it is important that you view our UK Property Investment section.

Whatever the aim of your property purchase, the boxes below will give you access to information relating to property purchase in the UK and allow you to assess whether this location is to satisfy your investment requirements to the full.

The UK Property Market Overview

Despite average prices having dropped considerably (some 11% between 2007 and 2008), investor demand from the UK and overseas is still evident. In London, roughly 70% of new home sales are made to investors, of whom 25% originate from overseas. The new homes market is performing best of all, with central locations close to good transport links attracting the highest levels of interest. Buy-to-let investing has unsurprisingly set new records to accommodate those who are, for now, still unable to raise the finance to take a first step onto the UK property ladder.

Supply and demand is a major cause for concern, particularly in London and, to a degree, the South West. Latest government figures indicate the number of households in England is expected to increase by 223,000 per annum, without taking immigration into account. House construction projections show a rate of 200,000 units per annum, reflecting an ongoing shortfall to meet current demand for several years to come.

The Bank of England raised interest rates to 5.75% in 2007 and dropped them slightly to 5.25% in February 2008. However, the general situation is expected to dampen demand a little further, particularly amongst those seeking a mortgage to finance their purchase. As a result, prices are continuing to fall, although growth in prime locations is still likely to be slow but positive. Those willing to wait for the market to revive – which it will inevitably do – will profit from lucrative returns in the long term.

Reasons why property in the UK is a good investment

  • Low property prices and a ready supply of tenants in carefully selected locations means it is possible for buy-to-let investors to obtain strong and stable medium to long-term returns. In 2008, maximum UK rental yields are averaging 6.4% per annum, offering income flow to add to capital growth upon eventual resale.
  • As a member of the G8, the UK is amongst the economic leaders of the world. As a founding member of the UN and NATO, it is a reassuringly safe arena in which to purchase property.
  • The United Kingdom is the third most populated state in the European Union. Despite an economic slowdown, high demand for commercial and residential real estate maintains the market, particularly in rental sectors.
  • Green meadows, snow-capped mountains, moorlands and lakes blend with countless monuments, traditional pubs, cream teas, theatre, arts, cinema and music, attracting year-round tourists from all corners of the globe. This creates opportunity for investors into tourism related real estate.
  • Well built properties, from smart, trendy urban off-plan apartments, to rambling country properties to suit all budgets and tastes makes UK property suited to many buyers’ needs.
  • A large number of direct airline services to the United Kingdom’s major national and international airports are available from many worldwide locations. An excellent road and transport infrastructure allows easy access to your final destination..

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United Kingdom Property Investment

Affordability constraints and recent increases in interest rates have taken hold of the UK property market. Savvy investors are taking advantage of this situation, profiting from a slow sales market to supply rental accommodation for an insatiable demand in prime locations. Buy-to-let investors are enjoying record yields in London where only one third of new properties are now being bought by owner-occupiers. A look at our Investment Growth page will provide you with detailed information on the UK property investment market.

Homebuyers in the United Kingdom

For homebuyers looking to re-locate or purchase holiday investments, the UK offers a wide range of well priced, exciting options both in urban and rural locations. Famed for its great beauty and variety, along with an unmistakable culture and lifestyle, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have much to offer visitors and residents alike. A welcoming welfare state, high quality of life and strong social and economic infrastructures are all major factors to draw many overseas homebuyers to the UK today.

Those purchasing property in the UK are expecting steady, successful long-term investment prospects within a stable economic and political climate. Many buyers are now focusing on buy-to-let property, currently a favourite option amongst investors.

UK Property Hotspots

Top real estate locations include Central and Greater London, the South East, the South West, the West Midlands and Scotland. Property in parts of Scotland, such as the north (excluding Aberdeen), Dundee and Edinburgh, still defies national trends, with average prices actually having risen by an average 9.3% per annum.

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